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About Inventor


David R. Cook, inventor of Cooltube™, is a second-generation refrigeration technician. At only 8 years of age, David had already become interested in following in his father’s footsteps. He would actually shadow his father, Roger V. Cook, while on service calls. Roger V. Cook was the owner of Day n’ Night Refrigeration in Jackson, CA, and eventually went on to work for Hussman and Honeywell.

David’s early exposure to traditional refrigeration systems and related maintenance would eventually lead to a prosperous career as a field technician with the largest refrigeration companies in the business. With industry experience and insight, David found an opportunity to offer a more efficient, cost-effective system leading to the development of the Cooltube Evaporator Refrigeration System and the forming of Cooltube Inc.


Serving in the U.S. Navy as a machinist mate in the A Gang, David applied his early training and honed his skills while working on ship board refrigeration systems. After the military, David worked for several companies as a service technician before owning and operating his own one-man business, D.R. Cook’s Refrigeration.


Based on his experience with typical refrigeration systems, David soon discovered a serious issue affecting the profitability of restaurants he serviced, and possibly the overall health of their patrons.

Problem: Existing refrigeration units offered no “directional airflow” to control temperature and ensure freshness. Plus, the presence of acids from the food, and the mixture of metals in the construction of the evaporators, would disintegrate the coil very rapidly. These inherent design flaws directly impact operating costs (maintenance, replacement, etc.) and cleanliness of food preparation areas, tables and other elongated configured refrigeration spaces.

Solution: A completely new evaporator design with an emphasis on adjustability, efficiency, and longevity. Soon, David’s natural curiosity and extensive hands-on experience would lead to several hand-built prototypes (literally a garage-run operation) for “in-field testing”. After dealing with the issues and repair costs of their traditional units, a few of David’s customers were more than happy to give such an “innovative”, but “cool” evaporator design a try, especially before the health inspector would come around again!

With the help of family, David was able to patent the “Cooltube”, reconfigure the prototype to a manufactured product, and bring it to market.Several thousand units are currently functioning nationwide with overwhelming positive responses from restaurateurs, installation contractors and O.E.Ms. As the company’s marketing motto says, “We ARE the Revolution in Refrigeration”.

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