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Cooltube™ units are specifically designed for use from +33° to + 40° Fahrenheit. Cooltube™  may be used for try cases he following applications:      

  • Restaurant kitchens, Restaurant Buffet systems,           Salad Bars
  •  Delicatessens and Sandwich Shops: PrepCases,       Enclosed Display Cases.
  •  Hotel Buffet systems
  • Wine Cellars. Restaurant, Hotel bars and back bars  
  •  Grocery/Produce: Enclosed Refrigerated,                        Display Cases
  • Florist Shops: Floral Enclosed Refrigerated Display Cases
  • Variety of other applications where freshness is a prime concern.










Cooltube™ is available in the following models
(*CT1/17, CT2/19, *CT1/21, CT2/23, CT2/27, CT2/31, CT2/36, CT2/40, CT2/44, CT2/48
– * are 1-fan units) to fit one-, two-, and three-door CT2/cabinets, as well as an option of custom fitting.

Cooltube™ can also be easily retrofitted into your existing refrigeration Cases or units.

Contact a Cooltube Sales Consultant at
1-888-302-4717 (Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm PST), or e-mail for more information.

Click here for Recommended Sizing and Mounting Suggestions.

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